Michael Hoskin

Biographical essays on William and Caroline Herschel, their parents and their eight siblings, together with an assessment of the Herschelian revolution in astronomy. With colour plates of miniatures of William and Mary Herschel, portraits of William and Caroline, and watercolours of the 20-ft, 40-ft and 25-ft (Spanish) reflectors.

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as viewed by Caroline
Michael Hoskin

The partnership between William Herschel (1738–1822) and his sister Caroline (1750–1848) transformed astronomy from the study of the solar system, with the stars as little more than a backcloth, to the exploration of the stellar system, the nebulae, and the cosmos as a whole. This book examines the partnership from the viewpoint of Caroline, and reveals the sacrifices she was called on to make and the effects these had on her.

“The rags-to-riches story of Caroline Herschel, from household drudge in Hanover to gold-medal-winning astronomer, has been well known since the posthumous publication of her memoirs in 1876. But Michael Hoskin brings to the subject a richness of detail and nuance that was previously unimaginable. He firmly establishes the context for the most extraordinary partnership astronomy has ever known.”
Owen Gingerich, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

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Michael Hoskin

The first complete and annotated edition of two sources fundamental for the understanding of the Herschel partnership.

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Stellar Astronomy
Michael Hoskin


Most historians of astronomy devote themselves to planetary theory. In the hope of encouraging the history of stellar astronomy, Dr Hoskin has brought together studies published over the years in a variety of places, along with material appearing here for the first time.

Michael Hoskin is Past President of the History of Astronomy Commission of the International Astronomical Union, and editor of Journal for the History of Astronomy.

"... possibly the most comprehensive and definitive treatise extant on the extraordinarily important subject of the history of stellar astronomy ... superb ..." - Richard Berendzen

INTRODUCTION: Principles and Methods

SECTION A: The Emerging Science of the Stars
1. An Overview
2. Novae and Variables from Tycho to Bullialdus
3. Hooke, Bradley and the Aberration of Light
4. Goodricke, Pigott and the Quest for Variable Stars
5. Herschel's Determination of the Solar Apex

SECTION B: A Century of Speculative Cosmologies
1. Introduction
2. Newton, Providence and the Universe of Stars
3. The Cosmology of Thomas Wright of Durham
4. The Cosmology of J. H. Lambert

SECTION C: The Riddle of the Nebulae
1. William Herschel's Early Investigations of Nebulae
2. The Nebulae from Herschel to Huggins
3. Island Universes: An Overview
4. Ritchey, Curtis and the Discovery of Novae in Spiral Nebulae
5. The 'Great Debate': What Really Happened

Paperback, 193pp, illustrated